5 tips to solve the problem of yellow nails Show off your beautiful

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5 tips to solve the problem of yellow nails Show off your beautiful, pink, healthy-looking nails again.

Yellow nail problem It is consider a problem. That makes girls Not very confident in showing off your hands or fingers. Because yellow nails make your confidence drop a lot. Today we will invite the girls. Let’s know the secrets that help get rid of the problem. Which is the way that girls You can follow along immediately. Let’s share.

5 tips to solve the problem of yellow nails

1. Apply cream to nourish your nails and hands regularly.

For girls who have problems with yellow nails It is recommend. That you apply nail and hand cream regularly. Because nail and hand care products add moisture nails and skin. It also helps strengthen nails and skin on the hands.

2. Apply Base Coat.

Applying Base Coat is like applying a foundation to your nails before painting them. This method will not allow the pigment from the nail polish to stick directly to the nail surface. So for the girls I like to paint my nails. And you don’t want your nails to face the problem. It is recommend to apply Base Coat to relieve yellow nails first.

3. Use a cotton pad moistened with oil.

This way for girls Use a cotton pad soaked in oil. Then wraparound the nail. It will help solve the problem. It is recommend to wrap a cotton ball soak in oil and leave it on after showering. This will help the yellow stains on the nails gradually disappear.

4. Take a break from painting your nails.

Applying nail polish without resting your nails at ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app all Contributes to the problem of yellow nails that won’t go away. Especially if girls I like to paint my nails dark. Even better, you shouldn’t let nail paint stay on your nails for too long. At least if girls like to paint their nails, they should take a break from painting their nails for at least 1 week and then redo their nails. Which will help relieve the symptoms of yellow nails.

5. Always observe nail abnormalities.

In the case of girls I rarely paint my nails. But the nail color is still yellow. That can be a warning sign of various diseases as well. So if you feel. That your nail color is abnormal. It is recommend to see a doctor for proper examination and treatment.

Causes of yellow nails that women should know

In addition to girls knowing the secret to getting rid of the problem. Another thing you should know is the cause of yellow nails. The causes mostly cause by these things.

1. Use poor quality nail polish.

2. Apply nail polish regularly without breaks.

3. Heavy smoking

4.It is a sign of various diseases.