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Many articles are often present. The characteristics of each breed of chickens are always present. But this article will present How to tell if a rooster is faint-heart. สมัคร UFABET

Body Shape – Shy chickens are quite tall. 

Looks like a long hatch. The attack is quite difficult. For example, if you want to hit the tee. You have to straighten your chest. Or jump hit only The chance of being hit back are therefore high.

The head – a timid chicken. It has a distinctive feature,

namely the head of the chicken will come out in a round shape. This type of chicken should be avoide. Because it is a chicken that is not smart, stupid, and most importantly. The placement of various organs such as eyebrows will grow unnaturally. There is a chance that you will be hit in the eyes. Because the eyebrows are form incorrectly and do not protect the eyes.

Crest – The color of the crest is not bright red. 

Simple symbols can see the mental state of the Rooster.

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